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Contributions to CSFPA

Why Donate?

The campus ministries of CSFPA rely on financial contributions of individuals and congregations who believe in our mission and vision. Each designated or undesignated gift is utilized to cover salary and benefits of current campus ministry staff and their families. Plus, as directed by CSFPA Board, monies are set aside for basic administration costs and the establishment of future campus ministries throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Contributors to CSFPA share one important reward for their gifts: the personal satisfaction of making an investment in the lives of young men and women seeking answers to life’s biggest questions. Each gift demonstrates an individuals’ commitment to see the university or college permeated with the message of hope. The results of this commitment are visible, as students adventure out into society with a Christian world and life view integrating their faith with their field of study.

If you have further questions or would like to begin making contributions please feel free to contact the CSFPA office.

Methods of Giving

Cash gifts:

You can specify the purpose of your gift and campus ministry that will benefit from your generosity. Our goal is to blend your vision with the objectives of CSFPA. We will work as a team with you, identifying potential avenues that will bring satisfaction for you and CSFPA.

Gifts that are not restricted in purpose provide needed flexibility. These gifts allow the Board of Directors to channel financial resources to areas of greatest needs. Unrestricted gifts are especially valuable to meet the ever-changing and often unexpected challenges of campus ministry.

You may choose to create an endowment with your gift. Endowed funds are maintained permanently, and a designated portion of the investment return is use as you specify. The rest is reinvested, so your endowment principal maintains its value.

Automatic Giving (EFT):

We currently offer a secured automatic giving feature that allows you to transfer a specific amount from your bank account each month as a gift to CSFPA. The benefits of this feature: save time and reduce the costs of check writing and postage. Plus, it will give you the freedom of contributing even when you are away from home. There are no additional fees with EFT and 100% of your donation will support your minister/ministry.


Paypal allows you to donate to CSF through an established paypal account or by entering your credit card information. 


A gift of securities/trusts is a popular alternative to a cash gift because of tax deductions.


Endowments to CSFPA are invested by the Foundation and remain intact forever. Each year, a portion of the fund’s investment is made available for whatever the benefactor has selected. The remaining amount is retained in the principle as protection against the eroding consequences of inflation. The principle of fund remains intact and grows in value throughout the years, thus endowments keeps CSFPA strong and vital.

CSFPA’s endowments support the establishment of future campus ministries; current salaries and benefits package that include income for retirement and health insurance. These endowments also support existing campus ministries by securing income for the position of campus ministers.

There are numerous ways to fund a CSFPA endowment. For example, an endowment can be established by a current outright gift of cash or securities or as a part of an estate plan. A strong Endowment helps ensure a Christian presence on campus.

How to Donate

Mail us your name, address, and amount in check or money order. If applicable, be sure to include a designated campus or ministry staff. All undesignated contributions will go toward the general fund and will be used where most needed.

  • Call 814-865-4843 and ask to speak with Crista, our business administrator.

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