Prayer Partners

CSFPA relies on God people like you who share a common love for growth of His kingdom to fulfill its’ vision.  Through encouragement and prayer, you provide a foundational base that is enriching and uplifting to those ministering to young collegians.

As a result of our petitioning God for continued spiritual growth and expansion of campus ministries, we are in need of ministry partners that will come along side and intercede on our behalf.  Here are some practical ways you can partner with us.



  • Spiritual growth for ministry staff/student leaders
  • God’s direction/timing for reaching the campuses
  • Financial needs of ministry staff and their families
  • Students in search of purpose and meaning
  • Submit your own prayer requests



  • Monthly notes and letters
  • A phone call
  • An encouraging email



  • Provide lunch for staff member
  • Come and worship with a CSF group
  • Talk with students and get their perspective 


Benefits of signing on as a ministry partner

  • You will be a part of dedicated team in advancing the kingdom on campus – an influential catalyst in our society.
  • Reaching students with the message of hope – changing their lives so they can change the world.
  • Building leadership for the church – Today!
  • Most of all, you will be a blessing to many.

Prayer will give us a new debt of understanding God and bring incredible answers to deep needs.


Join our Prayer Team. Please share your contact information below.